Animation is the new… animation!

Launched to fulfil client needs, Vivid Animation rises to meet brands where there’s a desire to tell their stories, or explain their products and services, in a way which isn’t reliant on expensive still or motion shoots.

The team behind this new venture, Vivid Imagination, recognised the need for a dedicated animation offering, built around expert creative talent to offer animations created entirely in-house. All of which means a greater amount of control on the end product and a more agile way to operate with you, the clients.

Our core values

Great work

There’s no difference in our output of work, so whether we’re creating something for a small brand or a worldwide household name, we’ll give each piece the care and attention it deserves.

No nonsense

We don’t try to hide anything with smoke and mirrors, instead explaining up front exactly what we do and how we do it. There’s no magic, just awesome animations.

Strategically led

There’s a reason for each movement or word within every animation we produce, and that’s because it’s all tied back directly to your brand values. Everything’s there for a reason.

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