Our work with Digital Interlock Solutions allowed us to blend animation techniques with purposefully shot live video work.

DIS got in touch with us with a fairly pressing need – an imminent brand-new product launch to an unsuspecting market, needing a fairly swift turnaround time.

First we got the prototype product into the photography studio to set everything up, then we got the real thing in – the first ever production model.

The DIS product itself was a way for brands to play content on beer pumps in pubs via impressive high-definition screens. So, we needed a way not only to shoot the products in glorious 4k, but also to showcase the potential of the digital screens too.

We did this by shooting the products and then superimposing the content ‘onto’ the screens afterwards, which allowed us full control of the video shoot and the on-screen content too.

We then edited the content together for different social and web platforms, allowing DIS to show the final video wherever necessary.

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